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Magnets are used in many home appliances. Naturally, most of our electric kitchen appliances contain a dc motor and so is our electric tooth brush. Most of the small home electric appliance requires small dc motors to operate, and small DC motor requires small NdFeB magnets. Small electromagnets are used for doors locks, fire doors and high level kitchen doors. Magnets are used in many different and creative ways in our surroundings. Magnets are an elegant way to temporarily attach objects and are used in panels, doors and windows, hanging Ferro metal objects (knives or tools) or pictures, shelves and even television on walls. In washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners UMAG’s products are making our life easier. Our long time experience with a lot of different magnetic applications and our know how can help your company to save time and money when approaching a new project, and we will happily supply your company with suitable and cost affective magnets, custom made for your company requirements

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