Consult and Service

Technical Support

UMAG has been partnering with customers to deliver innovative magnetic solutions for more than 15 years. Our advanced magnet technology delivers confidence that drives productivity. Send us a request a quote or contact us today to discuss your specialty requirements for the custom magnets or magnetic assemblies that you need.

Emulation technique

As magnet application more and more widely, the clients are seeking primary research studies, and optimizing the design to match the market demand. UMAG engineering team offer simulation solutions for your product design challenges. The UMAG engineering team uses a variety of software tools to effectively model, design and produce magnetic components and assemblies.  

Technical cooperation with Germany Testing Company

Cooperated with Germany Testing Technology company which is specializing in designing and manufacturing magnetic materials equipment and magnetization test equipment to further strengthen the technical support to our customer.


Convert an Innovative Idea into a Scalable Product

UMAG solutions help you investigate an isolated magnet application, or the combined effects of several factors applications in innovating and optimizing the overall product design.


Logistics & Warehousing

In order to transport products to our customer more efficiently and rapidly, we provide a variety of logistics solutions for our customers. We establish logistics warehouse in Giessen Germany so that once at your disposal the goods can be dispatched from a location close to you.

Audit Service

UMAG commits to the sustainable development of global supply chain. Our partners face the world with the assistance of UMAG. It is necessary or ensure safe, legal and qualified products be produced in good social environment.

Product quality is a key of our common concerns, and so are the environment and social responsibility. Not just seeking economic benefits, enterprises are also seeking a efficient solution to ensure the implement of the strategy of sustainable development within the enterprises and in each aspect of the supply chain. UAMG will provide personalized and diversified audit service.

UMAG assists you:

To ensure you receive the products and service that meet the relevant requirements:

Ensure the products and service you buy comply with the law, industry norms and customers’ requirements by a series of activities including assisting you to design supplier solutions based on specific subject, enhancing your communication with suppliers, evaluating and supervising program performance, and providing correction for nonconformities etc.

To reduce disks as soon as possible:

Our plant audit service helps you identify potential risks and provides you with solutions to eliminate risks.

To improve the efficiency and performance of the supply chain:

Our supplier solutions improves the production efficiency by helping plants improve the management, and also reducing the costs of time and money we may spend on selecting suppliers.

To achieve the plan of sustainable development:

Our audit service can prove the efforts you have made to fulfill the commitment to sustainable development, enhance corporate reputation, assure investors’ confidence, enhance customer loyalty, and reinforce staff cohesion. Our service, covering a vast range of industries, product categories and supply chain levels, ensures  sustainable development strategy implemented to all your business activities. With our audit service, we assists you to create long-term value for stakeholders and achieve the plan of sustainable development. 

Contact us at once to learn more about how we assist you to realize the sustainable development strategy.

Financial Services

Of course, we also provide further financial services for part of the customers. We can deposit our professional products in your production line to meet your demand any time. It will greatly reduce your product customization time and payment cycle, ensure the timely completion of your production plan, and reduce the costs on inventory.

Always ready to be your reliable partner, we prepare many valuable services for your specific requirement.

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