Electronics & Electroacoustic

Magnets are widely used in audio system. Magnets are the key parts to these kinds of commodities. It provides a permanent magnetic field for the coil in the system, rapidly alternating direction of the current brings cone vibrating back and forth, and then the audio signal comes out of the speaker.?

Typical Application Case

Magnets & Pro Audio

The magnets used in acoustics are mostly neodymium magnets and ferrite magnets . They are shaped in ring or disc of various sizes. Neodymium permanent magnets are more often applied in medium and high grade products. The tone quality is good, sound elasticity is better, pretty good voice performance and the positioning of sound field is accurate. With the superior performance, small sized and light neodymium magnets can displace large sized and heavy ferrite magnets in some applications gradually. 

Magnets & Consumer Electronics

Magnets in consumer electronics are everywhere….headphones, sensors, camera motors, ipod. And the requirement of these magnets to get smaller, like our micro magnets, but still produce the same results is a challenge that we have welcomed openly many times. Magnet requirements from consumer electronics customers necessitate quick turn on prototypes, design and engineering parts.  Our customers count on us to make magnets in all shapes and sizes, but most importantly, to work with them all through the engineering process.

The popular grades of NdFeB magnets used in Consumer Electronics: N35N42N4545M48M50M42H44H45H48H, 42SH, 38SH, 38UH.

Car Audio 

information for the vehicle occupants. All sounding car speakers contain a voice coil; this is the wire that is placed into the middle area of the magnet that is wrapped around a pole. When current is passed through this from the car amplifier, it makes the cone forced to move upwards and downwards producing audible sound to be heard.



Application Products
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